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Estrella Damm 3.95 (v)

Spain, 330ml

Estrella Daura Damm 4.25

Spain, 330ml

Cusqueńa 3.95

Peru, 330ml

Pacifico 3.95

Mexico, 330ml

Sol 3.80

Mexico, 330ml

Longhorn IPA 4.25

England, 330ml

Queen of the Night APA 4.50

Mexico, 330ml

Estrella Free Damm 2.95 (alcohol free)

Spain, 250ml

Maeloc Dry Cider 3.95

Spain, 330ml


Citrus Fizz 3.00

Fresh limes, sugar and mint topped with soda

Elderflower Fizz 3.00

Fresh lemon and mint topped with elderflower cordial and soda

Passionfruit Twist 3.00

A refreshing mix of apple and lemon juices with passionfruit syrup

Hummingbird 3.00

Strawberries, lime and watermelon syrup with pomegranate and soda


Pepsi & Diet Pepsi 2.50

Lemonade 2.50

Eager 100% Juices 2.75

(Cranberry, Orange, Apple or Pineapple)

Ting Grapefruit Soda 2.50

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 2.50

Horchata 3.00

A Mexican classic; almond syrup, rice milk and vanilla with a touch of cinnamon

Very Berry Agua Fresca 3.00

Mixed berries, lime and grenadine in an icy smoothie style



Los Tortolitos Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle: 15.95 • 500ml: 10.95 • 175ml: 3.95

12.5% abv – Chile. Crisp and juicy on the palate with aromas of lime and grapefruit, surrounded by
passionfruit notes

Melodias Pinot Grigio
Bottle: 18.50 • 500ml: 12.50 • 175ml: 4.75

13% abv – Argentina. Deliciously elegant with notes of citrus fruits, flavours of peach, apricot, orange
peel and spice

Elki Pedro Ximenez
Bottle: 20.50 • 500ml: 13.95 • 175ml: 5.25

13% abv – Chile. Wonderful notes of lime zest, lemon sherbet and floral. Palate is lively, nectarine fruits, ripe, and creamy

Amaru Torrontes
Bottle: 21.95

13% abv – Argentina. A lovely delicate wine with intense floral aromas of roses & citrus peel with tropical fruit notes on the palate

Alma de Blanco Godello
Bottle: 22.95

13% abv – Spain. Full of delicious peachy flavours and a crisp apple aroma. Great with seafood.


Los Tortolitos Merlot
Bottle: 15.95 • 500ml: 10.95 • 175ml: 3.95

13.5% abv – Chile. A lovely juicy merlot with ripe raspberry fruit. Seriously easy-drinking

Red Boar Bobal
Bottle: 17.95 • 500ml: 11.95 • 175ml: 4.50

12% abv – Spain. A deliciously earthy nose with complex hints of woodsy cherry and blackberry

Elki Sangiovese
Bottle: 19.95 • 500ml: 13.50 • 175ml: 4.95

12% abv – Chile. Lovely and medium bodied with rich black fruits on the nose leading to a rich and voluptous palate

Amaru Malbec
Bottle: 21.95

14% abv – Argentina. A very well balanced wine with soft tannins, notes of baked plums, raisins & hints of chocolate and vanilla oak.

Monastrell Reserva
Bottle: 22.95

14.5% abv – Spain. A rich, vibrant and full-bodied fruit bomb with aromas of black forest fruits and a palate of dark mocha, smooth vanilla and subtle spices


Stelle d’Italia Prosecco
Bottle: 24.95

11% abv – Italy. A lively crisp sparkling wine with a delicate lemony character

Perrier Jouet, Brut
Bottle: 44.95

12% abv – France. Appley nose with a zesty mousse finish


La Copa de Bobal
Bottle: 16.95 • 500ml: 11.50 • 175ml: 4.25

12% abv – Spain. A beautiful bright raspberry pink with wild strawberry and black cherry on the nose with a trace of rosewater


Served as 50ml with loads of ice, Fentiman’s mixers and unique garnishes.


Bombay Sapphire 8.00

Served with lemon, juniper berries & Fentiman’s herbal tonic.(40% abv)

Hendrick’s 8.00

Served with lemon, rosemary & Fentiman’s herbal tonic.(41.4% abv)

Star of Bombay 9.00

Served with fresh orange zest, dehydrated orange & Fentiman’s light tonic.(47.5% abv)

Tanqueray 10 10.00

Served with lemon, rosemary & Fentiman’s herbal tonic.(47.3% abv)


Negringo (Negroni Twist) 7.50

Monte Alban mezcal stirred down with Aperol and Cocchi Torino vermouth. It’s dry, smoky and sophisticated. Don Draper would drink this in Mexico!

Pomegranate Cooler 8.00

Neustra Soledad mezcal shaken with pomegranate and lime juices, a touch of agave and poured over refreshing Ting grapefruit soda.

Mezcalarita 6.50

The Margarita’s smoky sister. Monte Alban mezcal shaken with orange liqueur, agave nectar and fresh lime for a smoky hit of agave on the rocks

Paloma-esque 7.00

The Paloma’s bigger brother, Monte Alban mezcal, Cocchi
Americano dry vermouth, fresh lime and topped with grapefruit soda.


Classic Margarita 6.50

The tequila original. Azteca Azul Blanco tequila, orange liqueur and fresh lime. Served straight up with salt rim.

Rude Cosmopolitan 6.50

Azteca Azul Gold tequila and orange liqueur with agave syrup and cranberry and lime juices.

XO Espresso Martini 7.00

Patrón XO Café, Finlandia vodka, fresh espresso coffee and a touch of sugar. Perfect with dessert.

Bebito 6.50

Azteca Azul Blanco tequila and Aperol mixed with pineapple juice, sugar, fresh mint and a touch of spice.

Blueberry & Elderflower Margarita 6.50

Azteca Azul Gold tequila, orange liqueur and elderflower cordial with fresh lime juice and blueberries.

El Diablo 6.50

An iconic cocktail with Azteca Azul tequila, fresh lime, crème de cassis and topped off with ginger beer. Served long over ice

Paloma 6.50

Azteca Azul Blanco tequila with fresh limes, topped with Ting grapefruit soda.

Tommy’s Margarita 6.50

Azteca Azul tequila, agave syrup and lime juice. No salt, no faff, no worries.


Espolon • Blanco:3.75 • Reposado:4.25

100% agave and one of Mexico’s favourite tequilas. Smooth with notes of vanilla.

1800 • Silver:3.75 • Reposado:4.00 • Ańejo:4.50 • Tasting Board (x3 tequilas): 10.00

A 100% agave sipping tequila with smoke and pear aromas and a touch of spice.

Azteca Azul • Silver:3.25 • Reposado: 3.75

A mixto tequila from the Camarena family plantation.

Patrón • XO Café: 4.00* • XO Café Incendio: 4.00* • Silver: 5.00* • Reposado: 6.00
• Añejo: 7.00 • Tasting Board (x3* tequilas): 10.00

Considered the first ultra premium tequila.


Dark n’ Stormy 6.50

Gosling’s Black Seal rum floated over fresh lime and ginger beer with a touch of Angostura’s aromatic bitters.

Mai Tai 7.00

Appleton Signature Blend & Reserve rum’s shaken with orange liqueur, almond syrup and lime juice,
served on the rocks.

Zombie 7.50

Our house blend of Jamaican rums, Velvet Falernum and apricot liqueur mixed with pineapple and lime
juices with a hint of Orgeat. Topped with flaming absinthe, Tiki-style!

Bebito 6.50

Azteca Azul Blanco tequila and Aperol mixed with pineapple juice, sugar, fresh mint and a touch of spice.

Brum Runner 6.50

Appleton’s Signature Blend VX rum mixed with banana and blackcurrant liqueur, pineapple and lime juices. Tropical and cool.

Pornstar Daiquiri 7.00

Bacardi Blanca rum shaken with fresh lime and pineapple juice, a splash of passionfruit and topped with Prosecco.

Mojito 6.50

Bacardi Carta Blanca rum mixed with fresh mint leaves, lime juice and sugar, topped with soda; served long over ice.

White Choc & Passionfruit Mojito 7.00

Fresh limes, mint, passionfruit syrup and white chocolate liqueur fortified with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum.


Pisco Sour 6.50

Pisco ABA shaken with egg white foam, lime juice and sugar
garnished with Chuncho Amaro bitters.

Pepino 6.50

Fresh cucumber, Chilean Pisco ABA, elderflower cordial, Orgeat syrup and lemon juice. Fresh and light, this is one of our bartender’s favorites.

Peruvian Cobbler 6.50

A delicate blend of Pisco ABA, Sauvignon blanc, lychee liqueur and apple juice


Caiprinha 6.50

Sagatiba Organic Cachaça muddled with fresh lime and sugar. Your choice of: Classic lime, Raspberry or Passionfruit

Lychee & Passionfruit Cooler 6.50

Fresh passionfruit mixed with lychee liqueur, fresh lime, Sagatiba Gold Cachaça and pressed apple juice

Blue Brazil 6.50

Muddled fresh lime and blueberries churned with Sagatiba Silver Cachaça and crème de cassis,topped with pomegranate.