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Please find PDF versions of our specialist menus as well as a list of allergens. Service charge is at your discretion. 100% of the service charge is received by staff.

  • (v) vegetarian • (gf) gluten free

Street Food

Our Famous Homemade Nachos

Flour tortillas topped with mozzarella & cheddar cheeses, sour cream, salsa fresca & guacamole with a choice of one of the following:

House nachos (v) 5.25
Chicken mole 6.50
Dr. Pepper marinated pork 6.50
Slow-roast chipotle beef brisket chilli 6.75

Go large for an extra £5 (serves 4)


A large flour tortilla filled with white rice, black beans, spiced onions, sweetcorn, coriander & cheddar cheese. Salsa fresca served on the side, plus one of either: jalapeño mayo, sour cream or chipotle mayo.

  • Oven roasted peppers, sliced avocado 6.95 (v)
  • Dr. Pepper marinated pork 6.95
  • Chicken mole 6.95
  • Chipotle beef brisket chilli 6.95

Add sliced avocado or jalapenos for an extra 50p each. GO NAKED: Any of the burritos above are available served in a bowl without the tortilla 6.95


A large grilled flour tortilla filled with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, served with fresh salsa.

  • Queso fresco, oven roasted peppers and spiced onion 5.25 (v)
  • Dr. Pepper marinated pork 5.25
  • Chicken mole 5.50
  • Chipotle beef brisket chilli 5.75

Smaller Plates

Ecuadorian Arroz Con Gambas 6.50 (gf)

Rice mixed with achiote paste, marinated king prawns, sauteed onions, peppers, black beans and corn

Grilled Halloumi 5.75 (v) (gf)
Fresh pineapple salsa and chimichurri dressing

Peruvian Ceviche 6.75 (gf)

Fresh sea bass cold cooked in citrus juices, served with sweet potato, corn & red onion

Vegetable Ceviche 4.95 (v) (gf)

Sweet potato, cauliflower, cucumber, red onions and spring onions marinated in citrus juices

Colombian Papas Chorreadas 3.95 (v) (gf) 

Diced potatoes served in a homemade cheddar cheese sauce topped with salsa fresca

Mexican Cola Wings 6.25 (gf)

Three large chicken wings marinated in our own blend Mexican cola syrup

Smokey Brazilian Beans 3.95 (gf)

Black beans, garlic, cumin & chilli blended together with smoked bacon

Chicarrones de Pollo 5.95 (gf)

Puerto Rican fried chicken served with a chipotle mayo dip

Large Plates

Peruvian Quinoa Chifa 8.95 (v) (gf)

Delicious stir fry of broccoli, seasonal vegetables, omelette and spring onions in a Teriyaki glaze

Brazilian Moqueca 11.95 (gf)

Prawns, white fish, leeks, tomatoes and coriander in a chimichurri and coconut milk sauce, served with homemade potato wedges

Brazilian Xim Xim 11.95 (gf)

Chunks of chicken, prawns and diced vegetables in a creamy peanut butter sauce with rice, onions and peppers

Bodega’s Burger a la Parilla 11.95

Homemade 6oz beef burger, cheese and chipotle mayo in a toasted tortilla with sweet potato fries & smoky slaw on the side

Bodega’s Halloumi Burger 10.95 (v)

Breaded halloumi wrapped in a toasted tortilla with lime mayo & pico de gallo salsa, spicy slaw and sweet potato fries

Peruvian Lomo Saltado 12.50 (gf)

Marinated rump steak, potatoes and diced vegetables in a teriyaki sauce. Served with white rice

Peruvian Seco de Pollo 9.95 (gf optional)

Delicious chicken hotpot with potatoes, green beans, onions and coriander.


Sweet Potato Fries 3.75 (v)(gf)

Served with chipotle mayo

Jalapos 4.25 (v) (hot)

Five green jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese

Lima Bean Salad 3.25 (v) (gf)

Butter beans, onions, avocado and olives in a lime and chili dressing

Spicy Rice 3.25 (v)(gf)

Rice with achiote and paprika spices, mixed with peppers, red onions and sweetcorn

Smoky ‘Slaw 2.95 (v)(gf)

Fresh & homemade with paprika spices


Mexican Churros 4.25 (v)

Served with dulce de leche sauce

Chocolate Fudge Cake 4.95 (v)

Served with warm custard

Ice Creams 3.95 (v) (gf)

Choose 3 scoops from: Pistachio, Chocolate, Vanilla

Banana & Salted Caramel Cheesecake 4.75 (v)

Served with dulce de leche sauce